En avril, nous exposerons l’Iguane Original au Salon Nautique d’Arcachon. 12 au 14 avril. Nous aurons un accès direct à la plage et au bassin d’Arcachon pour des démonstrations en direct tout au long du week-end. Visitez notre stand à côté du restaurant Santa Maria ou contactez-nous à l’avance pour organiser votre démonstration privée. Visitez […]

Power & MotorYacht test the Iguana Commuter

Tested: Iguana Yachts’ Amphibious Boat What has a plumb bow and two sets of caterpillar treads? The category-breaking Iguana Commuter Sport Exclusive… The team at Power and MotorYacht magazine were blown away by the Iguana Commuter on every level.  Read the full article here. 

Life with an Iguana – Quiet Picnics

An owner in the Caribbean provides a glimpse into how he uses his Iguana… The first time I saw the Iguana I knew it was the boat for us. It gives us access to so many beaches that would normally be off limits.  The sun is hot and the wind provides a welcome cool breeze. […]

Antigua Yacht Show

Iguana Yachts understand what it takes to make the perfect amphibious yacht tender. A dry, safe and easy to operate boat  that delivers ultimate privacy and a new adventure.  We will be attending the Antigua Charter Show December 04 - 10. Located at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, we will be demonstrating the Iguana’s amazing [...]

Paris Salon Nautic December 08 – 16

Rejoignez-nous en Décembre au Nautic de Paris entre le 8 et le 16 décembre Ce sera l’occasion de découvrir le mythique Iguana Original en "chair et en os" pour tous ceux qui n’en ont pas eu encore l’occasion Un bateau qui a déjà roulé sa bosse et circulé à travers le monde avant de partir [...]

Life with an Iguana – Evening Cruises

A Client in the US tell us how his Iguana makes the perfect location for an after dinner cruise... I’ve always lived by the sea. My fondest memories are of my sister and I playing with friends in the sand or on dad’s boat long into the summer evenings.40 years later and not much has [...]

Life With An Iguana – Ultimate Escapism

A Client in France tell us how he uses the Iguana to escape... When I showed my friends photos of the Iguana I had ordered they had two reactions. Laughter or sheer puzzlement. What will you do with it? Why on earth would you need that thing? It’s just a toy for billionaires, what are you [...]

Life With An Iguana – Lunch in the Solent

A Client in the UK tells how easy it is to enjoy your boat We wake up to a glorious day, it seems summer has arrived at last so we decide to head over to our favourite beach restaurant on the Isle of Wight.Getting the children ready for a trip on the Iguana is no [...]

Life With an Iguana Amphibious Boat – Family Time

Many say why would I need an Iguana. Here we provide a glimpse into what life as an Iguana owner is like… The kids wake up late, but I don’t need to stress. I take my coffee out onto the deck and enjoy the quiet of the beach before the bustle of tourism arrives. Just me, [...]


This September Iguana Yachts will be showcasing thee boats at the Cannes Yachting Festival from September 11 -16   Not one but two Iguana Commuter Sport will be displayed at Palais 228. Launched only this January this model has yet to be discovered by the masses and is sure to be a success as a […]