Continued success and consistent growth lead to the recent investment from the Normandie Participations Group. 

Several members of the French technology firm have invested in the brand and have a strong desire to develop the business globally.

The brand has also received investment from several Iguana owners with one saying “Once I owned the Iguana I knew there was a real need for the product. There is no way it will not succeed”  Their aspiration for success and eagerness to invest further has secured the future of Iguana Yachts. 

Our team of shareholders bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the brand.

AD Normandie Participations, an Investment group dedicated to increasing business in Normandy recently added Iguana Yachts to their portfolio. 

As Iguana Yacht’s largest shareholder, AD Normandie not only support with substantial funding but also provide the Iguana team a spectrum of knowledge and experience in all areas of the retail industry from Marine industry giants to Tech Hub entrepreneurs.

The board of AD Normandie have founded and directed businesses to global success and now welcome the challenge to make Iguana one of the best boat brand in the world. 

Pierre Kosciusko Morizet


Founder of Price Minister which was sold in 2010 to Japanese Rakuten. Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet remained the CEO of the company until 2014. 


Now co-founder and Chairman of the Strategic Committee of the ISAI Internet Entrepreneur Investment Fund which has invested notably in Iguana Yachts. 

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Pierre Noël Luiggi


Founder and CEO of a French e-commerce company founded in 2003. The company specialises in the sale of new and genuine automotive parts from manufacturers and wholesalers. 

Founded in 2003 in France the brand expanded to Belgium and the USA. 

Pierre Noël Luiggi remains CEO of Oscaro while also eating as an appointed member of the French delegation represented at G20 YES (Young Entrepreneur Summit)

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Dan Vogel


At the age of 15 Dan Vogel launched his first IT venture, a national service for home-delivering IT products. With a diverse knowledge and passion for the IT industry Dan Vogel co-founded Enablon in 2000 which he led and managed globally until its acquisition in 2016


Today Dan Vogel is a tech entrepreneur developing new global companies and seating at boards of high-tech companies and VCs.

Jean-Michel Berud


CEO of JIFMAR Offshore Services which delivers integrated marine services to various industries, including the defense market and marine renewable energies.

JIMFAR has been successful in the industry for more than 10 years with a strong expansion and growth strategy.


Jean-Michel brings a wealth of maritime experience to the Iguana Team.

Paris Business Angels


With 125 active members and mentors, Paris Business Angels is one of the leading business angel networks in France.


Having invested in more than 150 companies since the network’s creation in 2004, Paris Business Angels members not only provide entrepreneurs with financing. They volunteer to bring their experience and personal networks.

Art et Metiers Angels


Arts et Métiers Business Angels was founded by former students of Arts et Métiers ParisTech.


With a desire to invest in innovative companies and support project leaders, by bringing their engineering experience, their network expertise the Arts et Métiers Business Angels have invested in Iguana Yachts to keep it at the forefront of technology pioneering.