Historically amphibious crafts were heavily focused on being land vehicles first, water vehicles second. This often created crafts that perform poorly on both land and water. They were slower and less reliable than their traditional counterparts.

The Iguana Yacht is unlike anything that came before it.

It is a high-performance boat first with an ergonomically integrated Mobility System that seamlessly folds into the hull. The result is a boat that performs as well or better than traditional boats, comfortably achieving 40 knots, with the added ability to climb virtually any shore.

When the IMS track system is raised the leading and trailing edges are engineered to enhance on-water performance providing airation and reducing drag similar to a hydro-step hull delivering 2-3 knots of increased speed when compared to a traditional hull.

It takes only 8 seconds to deploy the IMS landing gear.

Once down 2 powerful hydraulic pumps and electric engines provide more than 10 times the torque of a 4×4 car but carefully manage the pressure to deliver the same impact as a human being.

Capable of climbing 40%+ grade inclines of virtually any landscape, soft sand, pavements and rocks are scaled with ease.

So, can an amphibious boat be truly effective on both land and water? I say yes.

In fact the Iguana is more effective than most boats and yacht tenders, the perfect vessel for commuting or cruising with no need for a marina, dock or ramp the IMS has enough torque to climb and exit the water with ease, even in waves up to 4ft.

The Iguana is a superb boat and an impressive land vehicle. It will save any owner time and money. What can be more effective than that?

Don’t just take my word for it. Contact us to experience the boat first hand.