A Client in France tell us how he uses the Iguana to escape… 

When I showed my friends photos of the Iguana I had ordered they had two reactions. Laughter or sheer puzzlement. What will you do with it? Why on earth would you need that thing? It’s just a toy for billionaires, what are you thinking?! (My friends don’t hold back their criticism on anything) But when I told them I can park it at home, use it alone, enjoy the ocean whenever I want, stop paying crazy marina charges. They understood my thought process. Little did I know just how much it would change my life. 

It’s Friday evening when I leave the office to head for the coast, it’s been a tough week. I can’t stop thinking about it the whole journey home, and long into Friday night. 

I wake up on Saturday and still can’t shift thoughts of ongoing projects in the office. It’s cloudy and likely to rain this afternoon but I decide to jump on the Iguana and clear my head with some much needed fresh air. 

Within minutes I’m in the boat and on the water hitting 40 mph leaving the shore behind me. The wind in my face blasts away all thoughts of work and I drop down to cruise at 25 mph. 

When I can no longer see land I stop and drop anchor, completely alone. This afternoon’s poor weather forecast has kept traditional boaters at home so I enjoy the complete silence, not another boat as far as I can see. 

I dig out my secret supply of chocolate biscuits from the bottom of the storage box, pull my flask of coffee from the cup holder and open my book. A packet of biscuits and 15 minutes later I am completely relaxed. The clouds begin to darken earlier than the forecast predicted so I pack up and head home enjoying the tranquillity of a clear head and what feels like my own ocean. 

People tell me exercise and healthy eating will help me cope better with the stress. I think you’ve never tried an Iguana. I like the biscuits too much and I can escape the entire world in minutes on my boat.