A Client in the US tell us how his Iguana makes the perfect location for an after dinner cruise…

I’ve always lived by the sea. My fondest memories are of my sister and I playing with friends in the sand or on dad’s boat long into the summer evenings.

40 years later and not much has changed except we grew up and I finally bought a boat of my own, so now we can play on it any time we like! 

This week we have friends over for dinner. We’re not the only couple at the  table who own a boat – living near the beach usually means you have a love of the water. But we are the only couple who has their boat parked at their door. 

We decide to head out for a post dinner sunset cruise. It’s easy for everyone to board from our drive – even those who have enjoyed the wine! It’s safe and steady so I don’t need to worry about anyone slipping or falling between the dock and boat like you would a traditional boat.

“We’re not the only couple at the table who own a boat. But we are the only ones who have it parked at their door”

Once aboard there is plenty of room for all 8 of us and we’re in the water within minutes. I realise my wife had this planned as she pulls a cooled bottle of Champagne from the fridge (water for me!) and glasses from the under seat storage. 

We cruise along the coastline enjoying the city lights as the sun sets slowly returning to our beach just as darkness falls. The Iguana’s integrated lights shine the path back to the house and guests disembark as easily as they boarded. 

We kiss our goodbyes at the end of a memorable evening and all our guests appreciate how easy it was for us to set sail tonight. Something a normal boat simply couldn’t have given us. 

The Iguana is so much fun, it makes me feel like a kid again, only now it’s my wife calling me to come home, not my mother!