Iguana Yachts are available around the world in our international offices.
If you dont have an office close to you just inquire and we will come to you.

With a ground pressure lower than a 4×4 and extreme torque, the soft sandy beaches are naturally easy. As for mud, if a human can walk, the Iguana Yachts will drive. Pebbles, rocks and hard grounds are not an issue, it just makes the ride a bit bumpy just like with a 4×4. The counter rotating capabilities give extreme precision for sharp turns or parking, both forward and backward.

With the 300 liters fuel tank the range at cruising speed is about 100 nautical miles and on land about 25 hours. A lot of exploration capabilities!

The boats are manufactured in France, Normandy. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to visit our manufacturing site.

The frame of the IMS – Igunana Mobility System – is welded in the most advanced aluminium (5083, also called marine grade aluminum) and treated with epoxy paint to assure the ability to withstand the saline environment.
The bounding frames, spacers, bolts, nuts, are made out of marine grade stainless steel (316). The aluminium, the stainless steel and the carbon fiber are isolated to ensure that there is no galvanic corrosion.

Iguana Yachts have 2 years warranty.

16° / 29 % is the maximum straight gradient, this is for example the slope needed to load on a flatbed trailer or recovery truck. On variable slopes, the capacity is huge. During an heavy duty try out, our testing team climbed a soft sand dune of 47% (for security reasons we strongly recommend not to imitate this, passengers could not stay in, they would roll out…)

On sea the boat is powered by a 300 hp out board engine. On land, the air-cooled engine powers an hydraulic station. Both can be used at the same time, easing the passage from one environment to another.

The Iguana 29 can reach 35 knots on the water and with its very strong torque can climb and ride even on soft sands at 4.5 miles per hour.

Yes the console folds in 3 seconds without the need for any tools.

By pressing a button on the ECU, following a 90° rotation, driven by stainless steel hydraulic jacks, the landing gear folds and deploys in 8 seconds.

Iguana Yachts are not meant to be road vehicles. The allowances of driving on a road depends on the local authorities. Don’t expect to drive on the highway, but the authorization to make a few hundreds of meters to access your property is usually not hard to obtain.