The Iguana Original turns heads with its distinctive design while the highly advanced technology makes operation simple and performance agile and dynamic.

Carbon fiber, marine grade aluminium and stainless steel ensure the boat is robust, while a simple hydraulic mobility system delivers easy maintenance. 

The Original is available in three models

Classic Sleek lines, spacious deck and deep V hull make the Iguana Classic a functional, comfortable and social boat for 12 guests. 

Exclusive The most luxurious boat in the range. Finished to the highest standard using the finest materials the Iguana Exclusive is the perfect day cruiser for those who seek more in their boating life. 

Expedition When action and adventure are high on the agenda, the robust and muscular Expedition is the ultimate boat for choppy conditions. 


The Iguana Original Classic

Sleek lines, spacious deck and deep V hull make the Iguana Classic a functional, comfortable and social boat. The deployable ladder makes the boat ideal for watersports and easy access for all guests while the versatile deck leaves room for equipment and passengers. Multiple hull colour, deck and trim options make the Iguana Classic the perfect multi purpose boat.


This 9m centre console boat can reach speeds of up to 48 mph. Built as standard with a single 300 hp outboard engine the Classic can also be upgraded to 400hp  engines to increase the power. 

And the wrap around seating provides room for upto 12 guests. 




The most luxurious boat in the range the Iguana Exclusive includes wrap around bench seating for 12 and available with both electric or petrol land drive systems.


Fitted with refrigerator, bespoke audio, fresh water shower and extra large storage as standard. The finest materials and attention to every detail make the Iguana Exclusive the perfect day cruiser for those who seek more in their boating life.


The Exclusive allows owners to create a bespoke finish to their boat be it custom embroidery or matching hull colour our team of artisans are at hand to create a boat that perfectly meets your every need and design dream. 


THE IGUANA Expedition


Equipped to endure unforgiving conditions – from its wavepiercing bow and deep-v hull to shock-absorbing seats – travel in safety and explore seamlessly, sacrificing none of the luxury and style that Iguana is known for.


Easily embark on any terrain, even in 4 foot waves. The heavy duty fender keeps all passengers dry in the choppiest of waters while the 5 shock mitigating seats ensure a smooth ride across peaks and troughs.


Finished with durable materials and fabrics the boat is built to survive anything you throw at it, from raucous family picnics to English Channel crossings she can cope with it all.  Flexiteek flooring means she can be easily hosed down at the end of fun filled day.


The fastest boat in the range, fitted with twin 300hp engines the Expedition can achieve staggering speeds of up to 51 mph.

the unique iguana mobility system



The Iguana Land drive is deployed at the touch of a button to effortlessly embark on virtually any terrain  – if you can walk it so can the Iguana. From soft sand to wet mud and jagged rocks the Iguana can tackle it all. 


Two rugged tracks evenly spread the weight of the boat so she leaves the same footprint as a human on the beach. 


The torque is equally distributed providing power to embark even in waves of 4 feet.  


The electric land drive option will deliver up to 300 whisper quite minutes on one full charge with zero impact on the environment. While the petrol version will achieve 70 miles on a full tank. 


The Iguana can carry all your guests on both land and sea. 


Imagine boarding your boat within minutes direct from your home regardless of the weather. 

Imagine enjoying lazy days on the ocean without the hassle of marinas or difficulty of berthing manoeuvres. 

Imagine boarding your passengers onto a safe steady platform every time. 


The Iguana can give you all of this. 


Park her at home or in your garage ready to enjoy any time.

Set sail and park from any strip of land regardless of size. Or park the Iguana at the edge of the waves an let the tide erase any sign you even arrived. 

Because the Iguana glides above the waves it creates a steady platform for children and less agile guests to board via the wide access ladder. 


Packed with features as standard


The Iguana Original range  is packed with features including: 

GPS Navigation, Deep Finder and Auto Guidance

Fresh Water Shower 

Premium Integrated Sound System

XL Storage

Deployable Ladder

Welcome lights

And so much more…


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