What Industry Leaders Say


During the Cannes and Monaco Yacht Shows we invited some of the Marine Industry leaders  to trial the Iguana.


Watch the film to find out what they thought. 



What The Media Says


With a decade of sales the Iguana Yachts  range is now widely appreciated as a truly luxurious and capable boat, with the added benefit of the Iguana Mobility System. 


The world’s most respected marine, yachting and lifestyle publications have tried and tested the Iguana in every possible situation. 


Read what the Superyacht Report team thought of our production facility in Caen and of launching the Iguana Commuter from the Normandy beaches. 

What Our Owners Say


We are proud to say we have an Iguana in every continent serving just about every purpose.


From routine commutes between the channel islands to superyacht tenders, from day cruisers to treasure hunters our clients have tried and tested the iguana technology in every imaginable situation.


Here’s what just some of our clients have to say about their experiences

Iguana Yachts amphibious boat


The boat is used 3 or 4 times per week for commuting to neighbouring islands as a water taxi.
The moorings on the other islands are too far out especially at low tide.

I previously owned a different amphibious boat but found the Iguana is much higher quality and more sea worthy.

The Iguana is very comfortable. I am constantly suprised at how capable it is on large waves.

The team’s customer service is impeccable.

-John, UK-

I’m a big fan of land and sea, Iguana was the solution that would fulfill my needs.

The technology is way beyond my expectations – The Iguana team can make your dreams come true!

-Ahmed, Middle East-


Even after a number of years I’m still impressed with the Iguana. She has been a fantastic addition to our yahct and our guests love it.

We use the Iguana a lot and have attended pretty much every possibility with her, from different terrain and sea conditions.

The Iguana is used mostly for commuting guests from Shore, exploring and a little fishing.

In terms of sea handling she is a great vessel and the addition of the tracks retracted like sponson’s adding to the stability of the vessel.

The team in France are always available for any query regarding the Iguana.

-Superyacht Captain, Malaysia-

We use the boat for our guests excursions for trips like snorkelling or as a water taxi.

She is also the perfect vessel when we have guests who are less agile as we can pick them up direct from their beach house!

Even though we’re thousands of miles from the Iguana team in France, they’re always helpful when we need them.

-Jonathan, Caribbean-

The boat is our link between the mainland and the island. I do around 200 running hours per year.

Traditionally the island access is deemed difficult but the Iguana it’s a comfortable solution. Beaching is really easy even if it’s wavy and stormy. The Iguana yacht gives us access to the island all the year whatever the tide.

She is also the safest option for us because we are surrounded by rocks and the access is very steep.

We also use her as a supply boat as we can park the boat close to the car, for kite surfing and diving.


-Pierre, France-


We use the boat regularly during the summer for off coast cruising by our home.

The kids love it for skiing and tubing. It’s also the perfect boat for us to visit to our favourite waterfront restaurant.

I am always very impressed with the boats performance, especially getting in and out of the water.

-Jack, USA-


We love the boat.
We mostly explore further than a tradtional boat would allow, push up narrow creeks on a rising tide, stuff like that.  I also use her for some long range commuting.

-Dan, UK-


We use the boat when on vacation in Corsica for scuba diving, watersports with the children and to take familiy for dinner on secluded beaches.
She does everything a standard boat does and more. We never need to worry about marina’s or berths.

-Stephane, France-


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