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Luxury, capacity, shelter, safety, stowability and low-maintenance are all primary qualities of the world’s finest yacht tenders, but there was something missing... until now, full amphibian capability. A tender should be an extension of its yacht’s luxurious experience, but that experience is diminished when getting ashore. Experiencing beach landings can be wet, dangerous and even impossible unless your tender is an Iguana. Now, you and all of your guests can be free, safe and dry. You have the freedom to drive your Iguana Yacht tender directly onto virtually any beach even in four-foot surf... Iguana Yachts provides amphibious luxury as the new standard in yacht tenders.

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Iguana tenders put safety first

Iguana Yachts accepts no compromise, especially when it comes to safety. Iguana amphibious tenders’ unique hull shape provides a fast, dry and super-stable ride at sea, and on the land crew and guests are safe and comfortable on Iguana’s strong and perfectly stable platform. Due to a very low center of gravity and tremendous torque, Iguana amphibious tenders are capable of climbing virtually any beach, easily grappling variable slopes of 30%+. Obviously, Iguana amphibious tenders will take passengers comfortably and safely from sea to land and vice versa, but they also provide the crew with the perfect platform for preparing the beach by empowering them to get gear ashore quickly and safely without the risk of capsizing or injury.

Iguana tenders are more efficient

Iguana amphibious tenders are specifically designed to score high in all aspects of functionality, reliability, safety and low maintenance, thus creating less work for crew and providing a safer, more productive work environment.

Preparing the beach for guests with a traditional tender typically requires at least 4 crew members and becomes a very difficult task if there is even small surf. With an Iguana amphibious tender, 2 crew members can safely drive directly ashore and stage the beach two times faster than it would take with a regular tender. Crew can save over 3 hours per day while staying dry, clean and ready for the next task.

Designed to lift and stow

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication, and Iguana Yacht tenders’ lifting and stowing features are no exceptions. 4 carbon fiber lifting points are integrated directly into the construction of the hull and are hidden beneath strategically placed hatches. Simple, yet strong soft strops are easily accessed and present zero damage risks associated with hardware. At only 2,900kg she is light for her LOA of 9.24M, and can easily be lifted by most yacht cranes. Additionally, chic, stowable sun biminis, and a console that folds in 2 seconds minimize her vertical footprint to only 1.90M, so she will fit in larger yachts’ garages, or stow on deck with a sleek profile. Alternatively, if there is room, Iguana amphibious tenders can be stowed on its landing gear eliminating the need for custom cradle.

Unparalleled Towing

Even yachts that can not store the Iguana on board can enjoy the safety and flexibility of this unique tender. With a strategically placed center of gravity and generous beam, Iguana Yachts tow straighter than traditional boats and experience no lateral surfing. With up to 200 miles of range Iguana amphibious tenders are also perfect chase boats, and tow incredibly well if more distance is to be cruised.

Listen to our clients

“I can now recommend after 12 months of having the Iguana 29 in service and towing her on a regular basis (2015 Mediterranean, 2016 South East Asia season), we have had no problems with the Iguana 29 in tow.

We have towed her in less-than-favorable conditions and have been actually surprised by the performance of the Iguana 29 in tow. The tow-eye being low allows the bow to lift and the retracted tracks give the tender a sponson effect, she tows fantastic. We have had no erratic movements or conditions of worrying.

The Iguana is one of the coolest tenders I have come across. It consistently surprises me in what we can do with this tender, and as a Yacht Captain, I am very proud to have [the Iguana 29] as part of the yacht for guest use.”

Captain Gerry Rose
M/Y Lady Azul
40 Meter Heesen



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Learn more about the team, the production plant and the story behind Iguana Yachts

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