Why Iguana Yachts? 


Iguana Yachts was established in 2008 with the aim of simplifying the entire boating experience. Giving owners access to the water at any time. 

Easy to access & Functional

It is easier and greener for an owner to set sail directly from their home. Who wants to waste the season queuing at a marina? Or spend money building pontoons?  The Iguana can easily be parked at home. Concealed in the gardens of their owner or car parks, the Iguana is no longer a nuisance for bathers and walkers. 


Our owners claim to use their boat up to six times more often because their boat is stored at home.



The Iguana range offers a much safer boating experience for owners.


Boarding the Iguana is easy with a wide ladder and stable platform. 


The Iguana can land safely, even in waves of 1.2m. 


Storms are the main cause of damage to boats, simply because they are left open and exposed, even in ports and marinas. An Iguana parked on land is naturally more sheltered and therefore better protected from the elements. 


Because she can be quickly moved the Iguana is often the first boat back in the water after a storm.