Crafting High Quality Products


Based in Normandy, France

Our manufacturing plant in Caen (Normandy, France) is more than 5,000 square meters and houses the entire production line from part picking and painting to testing and completion. Caen has always been a place renowned for shipbuilding. The Société Navale Caennaise was created in 1828 by Napoleon, followed later by the Chantiers Navals Français in 1918 to support the war effort.

Cutting-Edge Production Facilities

Building luxurious, innovative and reliable boats requires cutting-edge production facilities and talented, passionate people. The Iguana shipyards combine state-of-the-art production facilities with unrivalled quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

8 Assembly Stations

The production layout is inspired by an island construction model. Each workstation is completely independent. 1 boat is finished each month from our 8 assembly stations and tested to rigorous standards. The yard was designed to rigorous efficiency criteria and has the capacity to build up to 6 boats at a time.

Amphibious boats exposed at the shipyard
Crafting of an Iguana boat at the shipyard
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Personalized project, feasibility audited by the research unit.

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Before decking

Assembling mechanics, hydraulics and Iguana mobility system.


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After decking

Decking, painting and personalizing the boat to the highest superyachts standards.

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Once a boat is complete, she can then be moved for final testing without disrupting the other stations.

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Sea Tests

The unit’s proximity to the sea also facilitates testing and sea trials.

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Final Touches

Before shipping one last overall check is made at the shipyard.


Engineering Department

The manufacturing and engineering departments play key roles in ensuring that each yacht is worthy of the Iguana name. Working with a team of highly experienced designers, engineers and craftsmen with many parts and materials sourced locally within France.

Craftmen Experts

There is no greater resource at Iguana than the high caliber of artisans and craftsmen who expertly perform their work to the most exacting standards. Each craftsman is highly skilled with years of experience making the Iguana finish second to none.


Thanks to the connected facility, team members up to date about ongoing all projects and provide personalised, impeccable service to customers. Creating a solid and tenacious boat that can endure all conditions and provide owners with a true no boundaries travel experience.


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Hand-Finished Boats

Every element of an Iguana is finished by hand. We work with the best quality materials and renowned service suppliers. From the elegance of the hull to the perfect embroidery, our attention to detail is key to producing French luxury at its finest.

Quality Control

Each boat is given the final seal of approval by Founder and CEO Antoine Brugidou. Ensuring the brand remains true to its origins of uncompromised boating.

Customized Boats

The decks are cut to each boat with multiple options available from a rugged finish to traditional teak. The Cabin is decked out to the owner’s personal specifications from woods and veneers to leathers and threads.