High-tech Boats with 10 Years of Approved Reliability

High-tech Boats: performance & capabilities

High-tech boats - amphibious Iguana tracks

All Terrain High-tech Boats

The unique design of these high-tech boats with tracks allow the Iguana to land safely on any terrain from soft sand and wet mud to uneven rocks and pebbled beaches. This amphibious boat is truly all-terrain.
High-tech boats - amphibious Iguana tracks

Up to 40% Inclines

Incredible stability on land and sea for the French high-tech boats. Capable of climbing up to 22 degrees / 40% inclines on all surfaces. The tracks deliver the ground pressure equivalent to a human being. It is the most capable amphibious boat.
High-tech boats - amphibious Iguana tracks

Amazing Stability

The centre of gravity of these high-tech boats is perfectly positioned. The front of the boat is very light and empty as opposed to the back that carries the engines, fuel tank and landing gear. It remains balanced with 11 persons on the bow.
High-tech boats - amphibious Iguana tracks

Landing in 4ft Waves

Iguana easily embarks on any terrain, even in 4 ft+ waves. Landing with an Iguana amphibious boat is always very smooth because the operation is like an airplane, you just follow the waves and engage the landing gear before landing.
High-tech boats - amphibious Boat Iguana sea

Navigating Strong Seas

The landing gear is designed to withstand up to 16 tons of load. The design of the hull enables the Iguana to navigate smoothly even in strong seas. It is the most seaworthy amphibious boat worldwide.
High-tech boats - amphibious Boat Iguana sea speed

Reaching High Speeds

The landing gear has the shape of the hull when folded, cleverly finishing the hull to perfection, just like an airplane undercarriage. The performance is over industry average, it can reach 50+ knots.


High-tech boats - amphibious Iguana speed

Light Materials: High-Tech Boats

With light materials like aluminium and carbon, this amphibious boat is not heavier than any other boat. The Iguana high-tech boats are designed as a boat first with the added benefit of the land drive cleverly integrated.

Amazing Speed: Fastest Amphibious Boat

On the water, Iguana amphibious boats function in the same fashion as a traditional boat. The amphibious tracks fold into the hull of the boat and do not impede on-water performance. When tracks are folded the fluids flow out from the hull. The Iguana high-tech boat range is capable of 50+ knots on the water with twin 300hp engines.

AMPHIBIOUS mobility system

5 Years of research and development to create the unique all terrain track system.
Tracks icon

Rugged Patented Powertrain

Strong and reliable, the powertrain architecture is developed specifically by Iguana Yachts to be both efficient and extremely resistant without sacrificing the performance of the boat nor the comfort. Tested for over 10,000 hours, the reliability of the amphibious mobility system is truly unbelievable.

Integrated Tracks

The amphibious boat landing gear deploys and locks into place in 8 seconds. Ergonomically designed to seamlessly fold into the hull. Fitted with the very latest technology yet built with sheer simplicity mechanisms, the results of years of engineering.

Design Icon

Perfect Design

This amphibious boat was designed so as to have the tracks fit perfectly into the hull without sacrificing the performance of the boat. It takes precision and know-how to position perfectly the kinematic points of the arms on the hull to ensure the perfect hydrodynamic of the hull. Carbon fiber, marine grade aluminium, stainless steel... no concessions was made on toughness for these high-tech boats. Iguana Yachts are the uncompromising amphibious boats.

Engineer building an amphibious boat
High-tech boats - amphibious Iguana Yachts shipyard
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Iguana Amphibious Boats are not only robust, they are composed of high-tech functionalities.

Cutting Edge Embbeded Technology

Hidden technologies create a dynamic yet luxurious drive, the monitor gives a clear view of the electronic system, the all in one GPS and sound system include deep sounder, map, and bluetooth wireless streaming to the Bose speakers. Everything in the high-tech boat is connected and can be operated remotely through 4G.

Simple Interface

The whole boat can be operated through a single digital interface which displays 3 main buttons to most of the amphibious boat. Everything is at your fingertips for effortless operation.

Electric Drive

With a light footprint and bio-friendly hydraulic fluids, Iguana Yachts has always strived to minimize its environmental impact, which is why we offer electric drives as an alternative to petrol. The only amphibious boat to offer an electric land drive option, making the high-tech boat cost efficient, environmentally conscious and delivering up to 3 hours of whisper quiet land cruising.

High-tech boats - amphibious Iguana Yachts console



5 years


40 % incline


4 ft waves


15 kWh


8 Seconds


55 mph

AMPHIBIOUS research unit

Our Research & Development team always works towards the most advanced high-tech boats.

Engineers & Designers Team

Our Research Unit is composed of the best Engineers and Designers, they cover multiple expertises like Electronics, Mechanics, Hydraulics, Software Development, Electrics.

On demand Projects

For each of your customized projects our team do a specific study to ensure the feasibility and performance of the amphibious boat. Their expertise enables us to be closer to your needs and to respond to all specific requests.

Driven by Innovation

With a multidisciplinary approach, they are able to always offer solutions at the cutting edge of technology. Iguana Yachts is always one step ahead and is now working towards sustainable solutions.

development plan of iguana boats