The Future of Motorboating


Our DNA is embodied by our top-level Research Unit

From day one, we placed our bets on technology. When we launched the adventure in 2008, there were but a few who believed that it was possible to design and manufacture at sea, robust, durable, powerful boats, capable of going in and out the water regardless of the coastline. This is our DNA – it really is what makes us tick and is embodied in our Research Unit, our design office, our craftsmen and all of our teams.

We integrate new technologies in our boats

We intend to pursue our journey because we firmly believe that there are still many technological opportunities which we have yet to explore. Today, we are proud to be able to say that we have established our name in the industry as a powerful brand that keeps its promises and builds boats, which are both as efficient as they are exquisite.

Iguana Amphibious Boats Technology & Innovation


Amphibious boats are more sustainable than traditional boats

Thanks to the Iguana’s Mobility System, our boats have already contributed to protecting our coastline, as they need no heavy destructive infrastructure. We need no docks, no port and no marina to operate. Our amphibious mobility option means that we avoid the need for docking boats in gigantic marinas where they remain motionless all year long and gradually diffuse toxic substances into the water.

We work towards full-electric boats

Thanks to our ability to be mobile on land as well as at sea, our Iguanas are used more often. They spend less time in the water, are less likely to be damaged, require no antifouling and are therefore easier to maintain. Today we intend to take our sustainability one step further by working on fully electric solutions.


Amphibious mobility is the future

We believe that amphibious mobility is the future for motorboating. An Iguana not only frees its users from all maritime constraints such as tides, distant & crowded marinas, complex berthing maneuvers, out-of-water storage, access to stranded beaches, it is also more environmentally friendly. We believe that an increasing number of boat lovers will choose an amphibious option so they can continue to navigate with more comfort whilst also contributing to the preservation of the planet.

We provide the easiest boating experience

Today, Iguana Yachts provides the most advanced amphibious solution in the world: an all-terrain mobility system integrated into a powerful sea-faring boat with a well-integrated design. Amphibious boats provide the easiest, safest and most sustainable experience for sailors.

Amphibious Boat with tracks on beach


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JIFMAR Offshore Services CEO

CEO of JIFMAR Offshore Services which delivers integrated marine services to various industries, including the defense market and marine renewable energies. JIMFAR has been successful in the industry for more than 10 years with a strong expansion and growth strategy. Jean-Michel brings a wealth of maritime experience to the Iguana Team.

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Price Minister Founder

Founder of Price Minister which was sold in 2010 to Japanese Rakuten. CEO of the company until 2014. Now co-founder and Chairman of the Strategic Committee of the ISAI Internet Entrepreneur Investment Fund.

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Oscaro Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO of a French e-commerce company founded in 2003, the brand expanded to Belgium and the USA. Appointed member of the French delegation represented at G20 YES (Young Entrepreneur Summit)

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Enablon Founder

At the age of 15 Dan Vogel launched his first IT venture, a national service for home-delivering IT products. He co-founded Enablon in 2000 which he led and managed globally until its acquisition in 2016. Today he is a tech entrepreneur developing new global companies and seating at boards of high-tech companies and VCs.