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Offer Memorable Moments to Guests With an Amphibious Taxi Boat

amphibious taxi boat experience

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Give Guests Unique Experiences with a Taxi Boat

Iguana amphibious Boats enable your guests to have access to remote beaches and coves, and to berth without needing any infrastructure. Rent your boat daily to guests for cruising, exploring, enjoying the perfect honey moon.

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Have the Best Concierge Service

Collect guests from the nearest airport, station or harbour and bring them directly to your hotel with an amphibious taxi boat. Give guests a lift to beach restaurants, bars and other activities.

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Offer a Boat for Multiple Activities

Enjoy multiple activities with your Iguana Taxi Boat, like watersports, cruising, exploring, fishing and many other. The Iguana amphibious boat offers a various range of possibilities.

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Benefit from the Unrivaled Aura of this Unique Boat

Our current resort owners claim the Iguana has a massive PR value. There is no denying the Iguana amphibious boat has the wow factor. She has an appeal that will keep your guests returning year after year.


Iguana Commuter sailing
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Looking for luxurious and exclusive taxi boats?

The Iguana Commuter seems like the perfect choice for you. With its protective windshields and its sleek lines, you will offer the most memorable journeys.

Looking for style and aventure?

Look out for the Iguana Knight that combines both elegance and performance. It is perfect for multiple activities.

Looking for the perfect shuttle?

The Iguana Original is perfect to transport guests, shuttle people back and forth to their activities.


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7/7 Assistance Line

Our team is on duty and will always respond to your call to ensure technical assistance by and Iguana experienced technician.

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Remote diagnostic

Thanks to a our embedded connected system we can diagnose remotely through 4G.

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Annual Maintenance

We can provide you annual maintenance for your boat or train your local dealer for him to handle it.

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Mobile Engineers

We have got you covered with a team of engineers specifically dedicated to intervene all over the world

Manual installation of a propeller by an engineer