The Pioneering Multi-use Superyacht Tender


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Use Anytime to go Anywhere

The Iguana can conquer virtually any terrain so it can be used beyond the boundaries of a traditionnal boat; No need to anchor or reserve a berth, simply ascend on even the smallest stretch of land and disembark effortlessly onto dry land from a steady platform

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Live Comfortable and Safe Experiences

Amphibious is not all about keeping your feet dry, but getting ashore safely. Protect guests from the swell and boat wash which plagues many docks and beaches.

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Enjoy a Multipurpose Boat

Use your Iguana for all types of activities like cruising, fishing, watersports. The unique Iguana design provide an unrivaled platform for water-sports such as Scuba diving, wake-boarding or towing your favourite inflatable.

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Escape the Ordinary

Unlimited access to shores. Ultimate sense of freedom with our single handed amphibious operation. No skipper required for beach landing allowing your guests the ultimate in privacy and autonomy if required. Twinned with the operational effec- tiveness of the Iguana Mobility System (IMS), exploration options really are transformed.



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Very Reliable and Robust Boat

Reinforced carbon structure, 20mm marine grade aluminum and stable bipodal design. No compromise on toughness, overall weight or agility. Fitted with the very latest in electric technology and tested for over 10,000 hours, the reliability of the IMS is truly unbelievable. Capable of remaining stable with up to 11 persons on the bow alone and scaling up to 22 degree / 40% inclines on all surfaces.

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Transport Guests in Style and Safely

Spoil your guests by picking them up anywhere, any beach, any location. No need for a dock, pontoon and quay. the Iguana mobility system makes arriving on a beach seamless and rewarding. Iguanas unrivaled capability’s provide the driest, safest and most stable ride at sea.

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Easy to Maintain
and Store

With only minor preventive maintenance, the electric and hydraulic propulsion, combined with carbon nylon wheels and stainless steel bearings, deliver long term, hassle-free operation. Sleek lines, impecably designed folding consoles ensure Iguana can be fitted into countless Mega Yacht garages. Collaborate with our design team to ensure the perfect fit and lifting point arrangement.

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Simpler Beach Set-ups

Reduce the amount of crews needed to set up picnic areas, as the boat can be parked on land no one is needed to hold the boat or help unload and because the Iguana is packed with technology from showers to sound systems less kit will need to be transported.


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Looking for luxury and comfort?

The Iguana Day Limo is the ideal tender to transport guests in comfort to isolated beaches. The Iguana Commuter offers comfort and performance at sea.

Looking for towable tenders?

Look out for the Iguana Knight and the Iguana Original, they both combine elegance and performance.

Looking for speed and adrenaline?

The X100 is the perfect choice for a utilitarian boat, it is very functionnal and robust.


Our trained technicians are experts in your boat and ensure you can use your boat every time with peace of mind.

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On Demand Projects

For each of your customized projects our team do a specific study to ensure the feasibiliy and performance of the boat. 

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Project Management

Reporting directly to the project manager, scheduled quality checks and production reports.

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Training Crews

When delivering the boat, the crew will have a 2-day training with one of our expert.

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1 Year Guarantee

With 1 year guarantee, your boat is covered, giving you additional reassurance when using your Iguana anywhere in the world.

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Premium Service Pack

Unlimited 24/7 assistance, flying factory engineers, annual maintenance, 100 health check point and extended warranty.

Manual installation of a propeller by an engineer