No dock builder needed, park your boat at home

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No Dock Builder Needed, Embark From Home

No need to go to busy marina, find a dock builder, or manoeuvre a trailer, have your boat ready to be launched within minutes at home.

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Easy to Manoeuvre and Launch on Your Own

Get ready to use your Iguana more than any other boat ever. It is so simple to launch and drive you will use it like any other means of transport. No need for a dock builder.

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Most Secure Experience for Your Family and Friends

Embark family and friends safely in any weather without getting them wet. You can avoid any incident that can happen on dock, on a dinghy or with a trailer.

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Simple Maintenance
and Storage

Storing on land has multiple benefits. The boat is dry and safe, sheltered from bad weather. She can be easily maintained and you don’t need for antifouling.



No dock builder needed, Amphibious boat parking at home
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Looking for practicality and

The Xperience Line is the perfect choice for you. You will find the most practical and rugged boats that can be used for any type of activities.

Looking for style and

To travel with style look out for the Custom Line that displays beautiful boats with very functional capacities.

Looking for comfort and

The Iguana Commuter seems like the perfect choice for you. With its protective windshield and its sleek lines, you will have the most comfortable journey.


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7/7 Assistance Line

Our team is on duty and will always respond to your call to ensure technical assistance by and Iguana experienced technician.

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Remote diagnostic

Thanks to our embedded connected system we can diagnose remotely through 4G.

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Annual Maintenance

We can provide you annual maintenance for your boat or train your local dealer for him to handle it.

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Mobile Engineers

We have got you covered with a team of enginneers specifically dedicated to intervene all over the world

Manual installation of a propeller by an engineer