Amphibious Boats for Pleasure and Freedom


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Easy to Launch

Amphibious vehicles with tracks enable you to drive directly on land. Thus, you are able to embark on any type of terrain removing the requirement for infrastructure or dinghies.

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Safer to Embark

Incidents that occur on docks, with a trailer or with a dinghy are completely avoided. Amphibious vehicles enable to board directly from dry land. Safely embark children, disabled or elderly guests with no worries.

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Beach Lander

Disembark on the most remote beaches and secluded coves. The powerful tracks of the Iguana amphibious vehicle enables you to drive on all terrain. It is easy to land on mud, rocks or steep inclines.

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Simple to Store

Park your amphibious boat directly in front of your house, in your garden or safely in your garage.

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Easy to Maintain

Storing on land reduces wear and tear and simplifies maintenance. Always sheltered from bad weather, your amphibious boat is kept safe, dry and doesn’t require antifouling.

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Reduce your annual expenditure with no storage charges, mooring fees, trailer expenses or pontoon maintenance.

Amphibious vehicles on the beach Iguana
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Integrated Tracks

The landing gear deploys and locks into place in 8 seconds. The powertrain is ergonomically designed to seamlessly fold into the hull. When retracted the rugged Iguana tracks maintain the hull’s sleek lines.

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Seaworthy Boat

Designed as a boat first with the added benefit of a land drive, this amphibious vehicle is a boat first. Once the tracks fold into the hull, the Iguana becomes a powerful boat equipped to navigate in all conditions.

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Up to 50 Knots

The sleek hull cuts through the waves and effortlessly achieving high speeds. It is the most powerful amphibious boat.

Amphibious vehicles at sea Iguana


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