Be Completely Self-Sufficient

amphibious USES

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Use Your Boat For Supply Provision

Bring shopping from the mainland directly to your door avoiding multiple trips to and from your pontoon. No need to walk out to your boat during low tide, park her right at your door. The Iguana offer you secured spaces for storage.

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Easy to Pick up and Drop Visitors on the Island

Collect visitor from the nearest airport, station or harbour and bring them directly to your home.

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Use Your Boat Like Any Other Means of Transport

It is so simple to launch and drive you will use it as your main mean of transport. You will be able to access any beach on and off the island within minutes. Free yourself from tidal and weather pressures as the Iguana effortlessly conquers land and sea.

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Have Mobility Even in Bad Weather

The Iguana gives you the freedom to come and go as you please all year round in any weather without getting wet. She easily glides over waves allowing you to vacate your island or complete supply runs when storms hit. She becomes part of your instant intervention plan for hurricane evacuation.



Top shot of an amphibious Iguana boat at sea
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Looking for protection and

If you want to use your boat as your main mean of transport we recommend the Iguana Commuter. It offers protection and comfort in any weather.

Looking for practicality and

If you want a boat for multiple activities including transport, watersports, fishing, cruising, the X line and its rugged boats is perfect for you.

Looking for style and

If you want to travel with style, yet have a very practical boat, the Custom Line is made for you.


Subscribe to our full service pack. This premium package ensures you can use your boat every time with peace of mind.
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7/7 Assistance Line

Our team is on duty and will always respond to your call to ensure technical assistance by and Iguana experienced technician.

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Remote diagnostic

Thanks to a our embedded connected system we can diagnose remotely through 4G.

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Annual Maintenance

We can provide you annual maintenance for your boat or train your local dealer for him to handle it.

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Mobile Engineers

We have got you covered with a team of enginneers specifically dedicated to intervene all over the world

Manual installation of a propeller by an engineer