As always, you wonder why nobody thought about it before.

Maybe because the best ideas do not usually come from insiders. They come from outsiders. People who think differently.

When Antoine BRUGIDOU started to talk about his idea of making boats able to land and launch on their own, many looked at him amusedly. Dreamers came to the boat industry with very good ideas on paper which never got converted into an actual efficient business product. Having been at a very high level in the prestigious Accenture (multinational management consulting and technology company), does not prepare you to design and manufacture boats but certainly gives you the best experience to build a worldwide recognized product.

Today Iguana Yachts is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful company in the marine industry, thanks to a man, Antoine BRUGIDOU, dreamer but tenacious, conceptual but equipped with a solid engineer background, passionate but very organized.

Well managed, dreams can become reality.

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President and CEO – Antoine Brugidou

With the Iguana 29, Iguana Yachts has made a first step towards success. The boats give full satisfaction to their owners. More and more of our clients are asking for a bigger model, more room, more power, more range… who can be blamed. I have heard the need and since we have the most powerful amphibious boat technology we will be able to respond to the most demanding.

My team of engineers and designers are working on a new model that will be propelled by no less than 3 outboard engines, she will have a nice cabin with a shower and a toilet and even the air conditioning to cruise comfortably in luxury even in a severe environment. You can pre-order one now and be part of the first privileged.

We have moved our production in a new and modern facility in Caen (Normandy, France) and we rely on a strong pool of investors from France, Bahreïn and USA as well as the support of the French Maritime Industry which values innovation and design. This helps me to always have a step ahead.

The story of Iguana Yachts is in motion and I am thrilled by the many incoming projects. Be sure that we will write a very long, profitable and attractive story over the next years.

Signature Antoine Brugidou

Antoine Brugidou

Investment follows success

Consistent growth since the launch of the first boat in 2011 and double-digit progression in the last 5 years means there are now Iguana vessels sailing in every continent across the globe.

The company recently raised a substantial capital investment of more than 2 M€. Led by Normandie Participations, this investment coordinates the founder, longstanding investors and a pool of new investors. Among the latter: Pierre-Noël Luiggi (president of Oscaro) Indenoi, Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet via his fund Kernel Investissements and Dan Vogel, founder of Enablon and Business Angel. All have a passion for French manufacturing and a desire to ensure the brand is a success.

The capital boost will be used to accelerate the development of the range and launch two new models in 2018. A stylish Commuter the perfect vessel to support superyachts and luxury resorts alike and a more rugged simple boat with a reduced price point of only €280,000 aimed at waterfront property owners where access is limited but essential.


The Iguana Mobility System offers a way of incorporating a set of tracks into a boat’s hulls, without compromising its excellent hydrodynamic properties. With patents in 8 major economic regions this worldwide protected concept represents the major novelty of the industry. Giving the ability to built the most powerful amphibious boats with the lowest ground pressure and the best boat performance.

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