The Iguana RIB X100 at sea

Life With an Iguana Amphibious Boat – Family Time

Many say why would I need an Iguana. Here we provide a glimpse into what life as an Iguana owner is like… The kids wake up late, but I don’t need to stress. I take my coffee out onto the deck and enjoy the quiet of the beach before the bustle of tourism arrives. Just me, a dog walker and a couple of kite surfers enjoying the break a little way out. 

The kids are finally ready at 10:00 and we board the Iguana in the garage. All our kit is still on board from last week so no need to pack anything. Even the fridge is still stocked with cool water and soft drinks. At 10:01 we’re already on the move across the beach and in the water by 10:03.

We head to a nearby reef, drop anchor and kit up for a spot of snorkelling. Back on board, we take a freshwater shower on the swim platform and lie out on the cushioned lounge seats to dry off. 

The kids are teenagers now so I love these moments. It isn’t long before one of them wants to get home. That’s the value of the Iguana. We’ve only been out one hour but we’ve enjoyed every second. No exhaustive planning, frantic packing or stressful marinas. Just me and the kids enjoying a little time away from the world. Total freedom.

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