Fitted with the very latest technology yet built with sheer simplicity mechanisms, the results of years of engineering.

The powertrain

Strong and reliable, the powertrain architecture is developed specifically by Iguana Yachts to be both efficient and extremely resistant without sacrificing the performance of the boat nor the comfort. Available in your choice of land-power; traditional petrol, or whisper-quiet electric drives.


Liquid-cooled ATM Battery Module

Electric Drive

With a light footprint and bio-friendly hydraulic fluids, Iguana Yachts has always strived to mimimize its environmental impact, which is why we offer electric drives as an alternative to petrol. The E-Iguana 29 boasts whisper-quiet 22 Kw drive units, and *10 days of run time so you can enjoy your Iguana with no compromizes and zero emissions. And, all E-Iguana 29s are powered by the most advanced liquid-cooled Active Thermal Management (ATM) battery modules ensuring reliability and safety.

*Typical daily use, run-time will vary upon usage

Close Up

Close Up


Hidden technologies create a dynamic yet luxurious drive, the monitor gives a clear view of the electronic system, the all in one GPS and sound system includes deep sounder, map, and bluetooth wireless streaming to the Bose speakers . Everything is at your fingertips for effortless operation.


From the top yacht finish of the metallic paint to the leather modern interior, the first impression is refinement and balance. To create a warm contemporary feel to the interior three different density foams are laser cut and covered with leather to improve rigidity and create a supportive yet incredibly comfortable seating.


The ladder and the stainless-steel, gold or platinum rail add an elegant touch, and make stepping in and out an experience of it’s own. Enter in an inviting interior in which every detail has been meticulously designed.


Overall Length 9,25 m / 30'
Beam 2,74 m / 9'
Weight 2 900 kg / 6400 lbs
Overall height 2,75 m / 9'
Maximum payload 800 kg /1763 lbs
Capacity 8 persons
Maximum speed 40 kts
Integral fuel tank 300 l /80 gal
Maximum ground speed 7 km/h
Petrol Inboard / Land power (option) 4 cyl
Electric Drives / Land power (option) 2x 22kw / ATM Battery Modules
Outboard Power / Sea power rec: 300hp / max: 400hp

The consol folds in two seconds

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