Antoine Brugidou sailing an Iguana boat

Why would anyone need an Iguana?

An iguana is an innovative product that undeniably makes boating easier but I am constantly asked “Why would I need it”, “what’s the purpose of it” or even told “isn’t it just a gimmick?”

I’m sure there are plenty of products now in everyday use that faced the same questions, why did we need banking card chips? What was the purpose of online shopping? Why would anyone need an electric car?

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not saying the Iguana will be as revolutionary as any of these, but like the products above the Iguana is safer than the alternative, its easier to use than the alternative and it’s more convenient than the alternative.

Let me tell you my story…

Like many I live by the ocean because I love the water. When I moved here I dreamed of days on the ocean with my children, discovering hidden beaches for family picnics, jumping on the boat whenever blue sky appeared to seize the day.

However the reality is, I needed to build a pontoon (after receiving planning permission) or spend 30 minutes driving to the nearest marina, load my boat on to the trailer and wait my turn on the slip to launch the boat. Neither my wife or I liked getting the children on board if the waves were even a little choppy, the children don’t particular like a stressed parent telling them to get on board and I dislike the pressure of everyone watching me operate the boat at the jetty. I have to jump off the boat to drag it onto the beach while my wife manages the children and unloads the kit. The picnic gear takes up most of the boat so no one is comfortable, everyone holding onto something. By the time the picnic was over the tide would have gone out so we’d have to drag the boat half a mile back to the water. And my dream of launching in minutes was impossible.

These are the reasons I created Iguana Yachts. Because the scenarios we dream of and the marketing images we believe miss out the hard bits. Surely it doesn’t have to be this way I thought. I wanted something that was easy to use, that took all the stress out of boating, that the whole family could enjoy.

The Iguana allows owners to keep their boat at their home ready for launch whenever the mood takes them.

There is no need for infrastructure like pontoons or docks, eradicating the stress, time and money associated with them. (It also drastically reduces maintenance costs but that’s for another time.)

Because accessing the boat is so easy some of our owners use the Iguana as they would a car to commute to neighbouring islands regardless of tide times or even along the coast to work where road traffic would double their journey time.

The Iguana embarks on land above the waves passengers can board on a stable platform using the wide ladder and handrail. They can also park at the edge of the shore and simply unload kit as you would a car leaving no signs you were there at all.

The multiple storage options include a fridge and cup holders so guests have more space to enjoy the deck. The cabin of the Commuter provides space for changing, children to nap and the integrated head instantly extend owners time on the boat. Because everything on the boat is secure kit can be left on board meaning it’s instantly ready for your next trip.

With an Iguana boating doesn’t have to be a day trip, you can use it whenever you like, without the need to plan ahead. Owners can enjoy the freedom of the water that drew us to it in the first place. I created Iguana because I want to enjoy boating without the hassle.

I invite you to experience it for yourselves then perhaps you can tell me if it’s just a gimmick… I think you’ll agree with me.

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