A boat that goes on land, at sea and in the air!
No dock builder needed park your boat at home

Iguana 29 in Duo Magazine Australia (May 2014)

FROM IGUANA YACHTS. THE ULTIMATE AMPHIBIOUS CRAFT You already understand why you might own an amphibious vessel: the ability to launch and recover in seconds almost anywhere and in complete safety. No more anchoring, no more harbour dues. Complete freedom, both at sea and ashore.

Sea trip aboard the Iguana Original

Iguana 29: Singular Species in Yachts Magazines

Designed to handle almost any terrain, but also blast across the Pistachio green waters of the Arabian Gulf with all the elegance and style of a French day boat, while featuring the benefits inherent to a RIB model minus the tube, the Iguana 29 was

Night sailing aboard the Iguana Original in Dubai

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Le salon de Dubai est terminé, merci à tous pour votre chaleureux accueil. L’IG29 va rester pour quelques temps au Moyen Orient pour des évènements privés exceptionnels. Si vous souhaitez découvrir l’expérience Iguana et réserver un essai, veuillez contacter Steve.

Night sailing aboard the Iguana Original in Dubai

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Dubai Boat Show is now over, for those of you who had not the time to discover the Iguana amphibious experience, please contact Steve or book your own private trial.