A boat that goes on land, at sea and in the air!
Amphibious boat with tracks on the beach

How to chose the perfect yacht tender

I often remind our clients, once you get to where you’re going, you’ll spend all your time on your tender. Expected to perform at a minute’s notice to do just about anything from carrying gear and supplies to ferrying passengers and towing children it’s surprising

Amphibious boat on tracks on a private island

Can an amphibious boat be truly effective on land and water?

Historically amphibious crafts were heavily focused on being land vehicles first, water vehicles second. This often created crafts that perform poorly on both land and water. They were slower and less reliable than their traditional counterparts. The Iguana Yacht is unlike anything that came before it.

Beach house boat with tracks

October 2017 News from Iguana Yachts

Monaco & Cannes This September Iguana Yachts conquered both the Cannes Yacht Festival and the Monaco Yacht Show. A unique location on the beach at Cannes meant the Iguana could successfully demonstrate it’s unique land and sea capability, easily navigating the choppy waves and traversing

Iguana Yachts on French TV

Iguana Yachts on French TV

Iguana Yachts, known internationally for it’s French haute couture luxury amphibious boat is proud to be highlighted on the TF1 (number one European TV channel).

Iguana Yachts on 50 minutes inside

Iguana Yachts sur TF1

Iguana Yachts est fier de présenter l’Iguana 29, son bateau amphibie de haute couture dans 50min Inside sur TF1.
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