A beautiful evening on the lake
Close up on the tracks of our amphibious boats

LES CHENILLES DU SUCCÈS par Olivier Voituriez, Neptune

Quelque part sur une plage de Dubaï… Avec ses chenilles en caoutchouc rétractables, grimper sur la plage est une évidence pour l’IG 29. Une nouvelle génération d’opens amphibie est née. En lançant son concept d’open amphibie, Iguana Yachts a bousculé les normes classiques du nautisme.

Iguana Original with tracks on the Beach

Steve Chalmers from Boat Owner

Published in Boat Owners magazine in May 2014. Steve Chalmers from Boat Owner Middle East Edition has shared his impressions about Iguana Yachts. To discover his point of view just click here. With so many waterside developments planned for the region, amphibious day boats, like

No dock builder needed park your boat at home

Iguana 29 in Duo Magazine Australia (May 2014)

FROM IGUANA YACHTS. THE ULTIMATE AMPHIBIOUS CRAFT You already understand why you might own an amphibious vessel: the ability to launch and recover in seconds almost anywhere and in complete safety. No more anchoring, no more harbour dues. Complete freedom, both at sea and ashore.