Power & MotorYacht test the Iguana Commuter

What has a plumb bow and two sets of caterpillar treads? The category-breaking Iguana Commuter Sport Exclusive…

The team at Power and MotorYacht magazine were blown away by the Iguana Commuter on every level. 

Read the full article here. 


Life with an Iguana – Quiet Picnics

An owner in the Caribbean provides a glimpse into how he uses his Iguana…

The first time I saw the Iguana I knew it was the boat for us. It gives us access to so many beaches that would normally be off limits. 

The sun is hot and the wind provides a welcome cool breeze. It is also creating some heavy surf, but we don’t need to change our plans. 

We board the Iguana riding the seas smoothly and dry heading to the beach.

When we turn into our favourite cove, the waves are higher. There is a family from a nearby yachts and 3 crew circling with a beach lander, looking for the best route in but they will not be able to get on the beach today, back to the yacht for them and the beach is ours. 

Part of me loves the Iguana for this type of situation, straight out of the water onto the shore where my family can disembark easily and safely.

After an hour of peace and tranquillity, alone on our favourite beach, the kids decide enough is enough and crank up the Iguana sound system. That’s our cue to have lunch. The crew dresses the table and remove the picnic from the fridge and in seconds everyone is comfortable on board. My eldest quickly gets changed in the cabin while my wife and son shower sand off their legs on the beach platform and we all sit down for lunch. Sand free and dry with the best view.

We enjoy lunch catching up on each other’s busy lives like we’re the only people in the world. This is why it was love at first site for me and the Iguana. Because she gives me and the family hours of entertainment and manages to fulfil everyone’s needs!


Antigua Yacht Show

Iguana Yachts understands what it takes to make the perfect amphibious yacht tender. A dry, safe and easy to operate boat that delivers ultimate privacy and a new adventure.  We will be attending the Antigua Charter Show December 04 – 10. Located at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, we will be demonstrating the Iguana’s amazing capabilities on both land and sea live inside the show. Contact us to schedule your trial and to discover more first hand.