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Over the weekend, the Iguana team and their families enjoyed a picnic on the beach. The weather in Normandy was a bit uncertain, but we were still able to go boating and play volleyball. We went to the beautiful beach of Merville-Franceville not too far from the Iguana shipyard.

This was an opportunity for us to gather, exchange, and bring the team closer together. It had been a long time since we were able to get together after two years of pandemic. We were able to learn more about each other, meet the families and build a real team spirit. 

The team was very happy to have the chance to show and enjoy with their family the result of their daily work. It is a memorable experience to go on an Iguana, drive on the beach at low tide, enter the water and pick up speed on such a unique and beautiful machine. It is also great for the team to have a real feel of the boat and always find ways to improve the product. 

It was exhilarating for the children to jump onboard the Iguana and go for swift rides along the coast. We brought the Iguana X100 for comfort and practicality. This model is perfect for Normandy coasts and weather conditions. It blends perfectly with the natural environment.

We will definitely do this again next summer with the whole team!

Discover the shipyard in Normandy.

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The all-new Iguana Sport is out. We are so excited to introduce you to the very first photos of our newest model. 

We developed the Iguana Sport from the inspiration of our previous Iguana models and our clients. It provides you with all the comfort needed to spend time at sea. It is the perfect combination of elegance and relaxation. 

Among all our beautiful models, this is one of the finest. Be captivated by its pure line, its presence, and its character. 

Enjoy the pictures. 

The perfect combination of elegance and comfort.

Photos by Adrien Boscher & Jordan Bouvier

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Here is an example of an Iguana owner enjoying our amphibious craft in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. With very long coastlines and amazing islands, Massachusetts is a great region for Iguanas. Owners enjoy their boats directly from their waterfront property with their families during the spring and summer seasons.

This owner has an Iguana on Nantucket island. His beautiful property is on the waterside but he does not have a dock. He chose the Iguana X100 for its practicality and safety. This 10m RIB is perfect to embark family and friends, to go fishing, or to do water sports.

Directly parked in the garden close to the water, the Iguana can be launched in seconds from the house. The owner likes to go cruising around the island and he can access beaches and sandbanks which are usually very difficult to go to. He also uses the Iguana to go to one of his moorings to embark on his bigger boat. The Iguana is a great tender. 

This X100 owner also likes to go to Martha’s Vineyard from time to time. With a boat such as the Iguana, he can easily go. It is a very safe, quick and dry journey.

During the harsh Massachusetts winters, the boat is fully shrink-wrapped and parked behind his garage to be protected from the wind. What is great with the Iguana is that it is easy to store and shield from bad weather. Moreover, it is very easy to access for maintenance and checkups.


Nantucket Marine is the official Iguana dealer for the island. Sergey and John have been running this company for more than 20 years. With a lot of experience, they deliver premium services and are the perfect representatives for Iguana Yachts.


14 Sun Island Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554, United States

+1 508-228-6505

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Last month we had the chance to showcase the Iguana X100 White Edition at an exclusive open house on Lake Michigan. Our official dealer in Michigan, Elk Rapids Marina, organized this special event with a local realtor. 

This is the most expensive house sold on lake Michigan this year. A beautiful penthouse with a breathtaking view on the lake. It is available for rent in the summer. The spacious private beach at the house’s doorstep was the perfect spot to have an Iguana.

Guests from all over the state came for a nice soirée at the house enjoying the first sunny days of the season. With direct access to the beach, the Iguana can be launched in seconds from the house terrasse. We enjoyed swift rides along the coast reaching up to 40 knots! 

Rather than building a dock which can be easily damaged in storms and winter, the Iguana is the perfect solution to have a boat at home that is stored safely on the beach or in a garage. The Iguana is so easily accessible for use, that owners use their Iguana 6 times more than a boat down the street at a marina.

The Iguana X100 White Edition was a perfect fit for this house. The creamy colors blended in the natural environment in a very subtle way. The Iguana was very successful and drew a lot of attention!

We are happy to see the Iguana is getting attention from boaters on the lake where its amphibious capabilities are very adequate.


Elk Rapids Marina is the official Iguana dealer in Michigan. Located on Elk Lake, this marina was fully renovated last year by Lewis and Susie Cooper to make it a special and welcoming place for boating enthusiasts in the region. Offering exclusive brands and bespoke services, The Elk Rapids Marina team is the perfect partner to care for Iguana owners on the lake.


118 Bridge Street

Elk Rapids, Michigan 49629, USA

Phone: +1 (231) 264 9100

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The Iguana Sport was designed by the team Fritsch and Durisotti, who have been working on the Iguana from the very beginning. We wanted a boat that had the Iguana DNA: audacious, sporty, and well-designed. 

Our inspiration came from the other Iguanas as well as from other projects we are working on. Having the chance to work on so many different projects gives us the opportunity to be more creative.

Iguana Sport

The floor is higher compared to the other Iguanas. Every detail has been well thought out and made meticulous care in order to improve comfort, safety, and aesthetics. 

The biggest challenge was to imagine the deck, which needed to be both practical and comfortable. We spent a lot of time and effort on this part of the boat. 

The Iguana Sport has a unique hard-top that is streamlined, giving it an attractive look on the water. Its sporty shape makes it very attractive on the water. 

Iguana Sport
Iguana Sport
Iguana Sport
Iguana Sport