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These days, we understand the frustration felt by waterfront property owners. An ocean of opportunities and adventure awaits right before their eyes but they have no way to reach it. It looks so easy, so reachable, just a step away from their home, but the marina is too far away and it is not recommended to go there during these uncertain times. Boats are waiting, so are adventures.

If your boat was in your garden, wouldn’t it be easier?

Iguana owners have this chance. Their boats are moving and exploring the world. Directly parked in their garden, hidden from view, bad weather, and current constraints. They just have to embark, take a few things and it is done: it is as easy as taking your car.

Family coming back home on an Iguana

“Back on board, we use the cabin to change from wet suits to dry clothes and head home. We return to the house and simply drive up the slipway. No waiting for any assistance or difficult transitions to trailers. We park her in the same place as usual and we’re done. Effortlessly.”

Steve in the UK


Given the current context, “staying home” is a highly shared recommendation and freedom feels more limited than before. Some of us are considering buying a house with a garden in order to expand our sense of freedom by having a small part of nature at hand.

Would you believe this part of nature can be bigger and easier to reach?

Your garden could become a gateway to a huge playing field: the ocean. Iguana Yachts’ innovation takes on its full meaning when you are looking for freedom. The Iguana is truly independent and closer to your desires and needs. Experience a new kind of freedom with the easy use of Iguana Yachts: explore the world starting in your garden, without limits.

Surfing family with an Iguana

“The kids are ready at 10.00 am and we board the Iguana in the garage. All our kit is still on board so no need to pack everything. Even the fridge is still stocked with cool water and soft drinks. At 10.03 am we’re already on the move across the beach and in the water by 10.05 am.”

Olivia in Massachusetts


As you may have noticed, having an Iguana will make you forget the usual constraints of a traditional boat. Equally at ease on sea or on land. 

What about its performance as a boat?

Iguana Yachts’ innovation isn’t only relying on land mobility. It is a combination of this new mobility with high boating performance. The Iguana team is above all composed of people passionate about boats. They will never make concessions on the performance of Iguana Yachts. When you’ll reach speeds of 55 mph with your Iguana, you’ll rapidly forget your misconceptions about amphibious boats.

Iguana Commuter on sea

“On evenings, I head for the coast. Even when it’s cloudy, I jump on the Iguana and clear my head with some much needed fresh air. Within minutes I’m in my boat and on the water hitting 40 mph, leaving the shore behind me.”

Franck in Corsica

Throughout the world, Iguana owners are tasting freedom more than others. They are living unique moments, alone or with their family while respecting the constraints given by the current situation.

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A stylish 9.2 m model made for beautiful journeys at sea. Complete with cabin, an integrated bimini and sun lounger; everything required for a relaxing and exquisite ride. Equipped with plenty of power, The Iguana Coupé will reach speeds of 53 mph and land ashore on all types of terrains. Ally performance and style with the Iguana Coupé. Developed to provide safe, fast, luxury transport ashore in the most stylish amphibious package.

Iguana Coupé - side view

Superyacht Quality Standard

Built using the best modern boat building practices, all materials are of the quality appropriate to the specification and superyacht industry. The hull and deck are produced using epoxy laminates, foam core and appropriate carbon fiber reinforcement to deliver a stiff and lightweight structure. The time proven amphibious mobility system is elegantly integrated into the hull using epoxy coated marine aluminum and Kevlar belt reinforcement. Finished in a marine ultra gloss and luxury upholstery appropriate for even the most discerning of clients.

Integrated Bimini

Stowed away neatly out of sight until needed. The integrated bimini pops up from under the upholstery and provides shade for the full seating area. Perfect for relaxing in or out of the midday sun or casting shade over lunchtime and drinks. Strong enough to stay deployed whilst underway and cruising, this sunshade is truly convenient.

Bimini – high position

Bimini – low position

Comfortable Sun Lounger

At the back of the Coupé a sun lounger can be stretched out. This is a major plus when the weather is nice to enjoy beautiful days at sea.  

Iguana coupe sun lounger
Iguana Coupe - sun lounger

Beautiful Day Cabin

A private day cabin with electric lockable door for privacy and security. Very comfortable and chic, the cabin can be very convenient for long journey at sea and storage. The luxurious upholstery gives a very cosy atmosphere.

Iguana Commuter tracks
Iguana Commuter console
Iguana Commuter ladder
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Over the last couple of weeks, a Commuter is requiring special attention from our manufacturing team in our French factory based in Caen, Normandy. A worldwide technological innovation is added to the most sophisticated amphibious model of Iguana Yachts’ range. For the first time in France, a boat is being equipped with a diesel outboard engine of 300 HP. This innovation brings together technology, economy, and ecology: a great step ahead for the shipping industry.

diesel engines on an Iguana Commuter

Where does this diesel outboard engine comes from?

The CXO300 is a diesel outboard engine. It is a quiet engine offering high-performance in direct competition to 300 HP gasoline engines. These first diesel outboard engines are offering three main advantages:

  • One type of fuel onboard: Superyachts’ owners may have instantly noticed that with diesel engines for their yacht tender, they don’t need to transport gasoline onboard and they can explore further.
  • Consumption: these new diesel engines are consuming 25% less than an equivalent gasoline engine. Energy-efficient habits that are beneficial to the environment and easy on the wallet.
  • Lifetime: multiplied by three compared to an equivalent gasoline engine. Need less maintenance.

The production of CXO300 engines started in May in the UK and the first units were shipped in July 2020. These innovative diesel engines are distributed in the United States by Boatswain’s Locker, Texas Diesel Outboard, Innovative Diesel Technology, Ring Power, Power Products, and worldwide. The first European demonstrations took place during the Genoa International Boat Show (01-06 October 2020) in Genoa, Italy. 

Iguana Yachts is happy and proud to be part of this technological evolution. As you can see on the pictures, the diesel engine is being assembled on a light grey Iguana Commuter. Its owner is particularly delighted with this specific engine because he’ll be using his Iguana Commuter as a yacht tender, diesel is perfectly convenient for superyachts.

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Iguana Pro attended the world leading naval defense exhibition for the 2020 online edition. The game-changing technology of the Iguana Mobility System was presented to organizations all over the world. Iguana Pro is now a reference for amphibious boats and land to sea operations. 

The new IG PRO amphibious craft was showcased: the Interceptor. A new model made for high speed interceptions and surveillance. A perfect boat for Governments, Coast Guards and Defense Agencies. 

Discover Euronaval Teaser:

Iguana Pro Interceptor running at sea
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Why did you choose the Iguana?

Julie: We love boating, we used to have a boat when we lived in Pennsylvania, but now we live on the beach and we don’t have direct access to a dock. The closest dock is pretty far away from us. The hassle of having to pack up everything and drive to a dock to get to a boat just wasn’t that appealing to us. We were really looking for something that we could keep at our house in our backyard and be able to use it and take out whenever we wanted. That was not really an option until we found the Iguana.

How do you use the Iguana?

Dan: The nice thing is when we do want to use it, it only takes three or four minutes to be in the water. We use it to go to other boating areas and meet up with other boaters.

Julie: We go to sandbars with lots of boats gathering. We just pack lunch, pack a couple drinks in a cooler and take it out. It’s very easy. It just takes a few minutes to get out there. We do a lot of snorkeling and swimming. We just tie it to a mooring ball and swim around. It is really fun.

Do you see differences with the boat you used to have?

Dan: The nice thing is that it is a real boat. Some people worry that a boat that comes onto land won’t be that great. Any kind of amphibious boat usually takes away from being a good boat. And in this case, it has all the features and functions. We can do anything that a boat can do. We really feel comfortable doing anything. We’re actually planning to go on longer trips with the boat over the summer, to go to the Bahamas, places like that.

Julie: We had our other boat at a dock. It was all about packing up coolers, putting it in the back of the car, driving to the dock and getting through the gate. Getting the boat off the dock. it was a very big process. Now we might just take the boat out for two hours, it’s not a very big process. You just throw some things in a cooler and go so that’s really nice.

How was the purchasing process with Prestige Marine?

Julie: Brett and Kevin were really good throughout the entire process. They answered my phone calls and all our questions. We visited them to see the boat in person, we were pretty amazed and just went home from there. We tested it on Valentine’s Day. That was Dan’s Valentine’s Day surprise. Kevin was the first person that we reached out to. And he was very welcoming. He answered all of my questions. He didn’t dismiss anything. We were really busy sometimes, but he was very patient and made himself available whenever we needed him. Brett is very knowledgeable about the Iguana and was able to teach us how to maneuver and use it. When we are out on the boat and we have a question, I just text Kevin, and he tries to get me an answer as soon as possible within a few minutes. They’ve been really helpful.

How did the delivery go?

Julie: They brought it on a truck to our house and it was really neat. Everyone in our neighborhood was lined up on the street and looking at what was going on. They unloaded it and we took photos of it in front of our house. And then we took it right out and that was our first actual training session on the water with the boat.

How many training sessions did you have?

Dan: We practiced on land and then in the ocean. At the dealership, they showed us where everything was. They came twice here, took us out and helped us maneuver around. When they delivered the boat, they also spent a lot of time training us as well. On land, it’s very intuitive. We practiced one or two times; it is very easy to get around with it.

How often do you use it?

Julie: We go out whenever we can when it’s nice out and when Dan doesn’t have to work. It’s a fun boat. We really enjoy it. We’re glad that we found it. It’s also beautiful. Everyone always stops us and says how nice looking of a boat it is. It’s functional for a boat and it’s functional for what we need. We didn’t need a cabin or anything like that. We just wanted something that we could take around for a few hours and go snorkeling and scuba dive, and that’s perfect for us. It’s exactly what we wanted.

Dan: We just hop on right there in the garden and go down right across the sand to the ocean. It is straight down to the ocean; it is only maybe 100 feet away and you’re in the water.

"We had our other boat at dock. It was all about packing up coolers, putting it in the back of the car, driving to the dock and getting through the gate. Getting the boat off the dock. It was a very big process. Now we might just take the boat out for two hours, it's not a very big process."
Iguana owners in Florida
Julie & Dan
Owners of an Iguana Original