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The production of an Iguana is composed of two main stages: before-decking and after-decking. It is the final mounting of the deck that separates these two major stages of production.


Before-decking consists of assembling all the elements inside the hull, mounting the “arms” (the Iguana Mobility System) and preparing the deck. Once the deck has been received, the team cuts it out and assembles the hatches. 

For the elements inside the hull, as well as for the cutting of the deck, the team must take into consideration the options chosen by the owner. One of the most obvious examples is the choice to add a toilet. Obviously, this choice has an impact on the pre-deck work because it can modify a part of the deck plan compared to a boat not having this option. Each option can therefore have an impact on the pre-deck work. Thus, from the beginning of its production, an Iguana can be very different from another.

The assembly of the arms is a very technical and precise job. The Iguana Mobility System is a unique system characterized by its perfect integration into the boat’s hull. Indeed, the IMS allows the boat to keep all its capacities at sea because it is perfectly integrated into the hull lines. Thus, the installation of the arms is a work done to the nearest minimeter.

In before-decking, the team also prepares a maximum number of elements to facilitate the assembly of the boat in after-decking. For example, the steering console is cut out manually with a jigsaw. This type of work shows the importance of craftsmanship at Iguana Yachts.

An Iguana remains in the before-decking phase for 10 to 15 days before being handed over to the after-decking team.


Unlike before-decking, the time spent by an Iguana in after-decking is very difficult to define.

After-decking is the assembly of all the elements being on the deck of the boat. Thus, the after-deck workers are the last link in the chain. The progress of their tasks is extremely dependent on the progress of the other links (before-decking, painters, electricians, suppliers…).

Moreover, the work of this team is almost entirely dictated by the options chosen by the owner. Indeed, it is during this phase that all the finishing touches are made. 

Electricians and painters

Whether it is before or after decking, the teams of painters and electricians are involved throughout the production of an Iguana.

The electricians play a major role in linking the work done by the two main teams (before-decking and ater-decking). They ensure that an Iguana is easy to use. They link the controls from the steering console to the system installed inside the hull by the pre-deck team. Again, the work of the electricians is different for each boat because it is highly dependent on the options chosen by the Iguana owner. In addition, some models require more time. For example, the Iguana Commuter is a sophisticated model with a convertible hard-top, a cabin, an electric ladder, memory seats… All these features are accessible via the pilot’s touch screen and therefore require a lot of work from the electricians.

As for the painters, they work on some small elements that can be painted, like the fuel tank for example, but the most impressive part of their work is the sanding and painting of the hull. Again, the work of the painters at Iguana Yachts is considered as craftsmanship because they create unique and intricate paintings. Each hull is a new piece of art for this team of artists.

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For the last few months, the company accelerated its growth with new dealerships around the world. Iguana Yachts strengthens its position on the leisure market by opening new markets with Thailand and Croatia but also by reinforcing its presence in the United States with two new partners in Michigan and Massachusetts.

Iguana Yachts’ technology asserts itself as a worldwide solution.

The niche market for amphibious boats finds applications in multiple regions of the world. By overcoming the rupture between land and sea, Iguana is the most powerful solution to access the sea with ease and comfort. Boat dealerships opt for Iguanas as the most capable amphibious boat in the world. 

This rapid expansion represents a turning point for Iguana Yachts. With now partners in 9 locations around the world, the shipyard not only confirms the need for Iguanas and the performance of the solution but it also confirms the extent of the market potential.

Iguana Yachts’ dealer network expands to new territories such as Thailand and Croatia.

Iguana Yachts extends in new countries with partners in Thailand and Croatia. Applications for amphibious solutions are endless for the remote beaches and coves of Thailand. Satiwas Chaisirivichiean from MF Group understood the potential of such a powerful boat in those shallow waters. From waterfront property owners to superyachts enthusiasts, Thailand overflows with possibilities for Iguanas. With two boats already sold in Thailand and others on the way, Iguana might grow beyond expectations on the asian market.

Already well implemented on the French Riviera, in Corsica and in the superyacht world, Iguana Yachts opens new markets in the mediterrannean with Croatia. As a growing market for leisure boats and a paradise for superyacht charters, Croatia offers amazing applications for amphibious Iguanas. Adria Luxury Boats plans on convincing even more superyachts of the benefits of such a multifunctional tender in this beautiful region. 

Iguana Yachts’ presence in the United States is intensified with new dealers in Michigan and Nantucket.

Iguana Yachts strengthens its presence in the US. With already existing partners in Florida and Massachusetts, the amphibious shipyard opens new partnerships in Michigan and Nantucket.

The US market is an amazing territory for amphibious solutions. Susie and Lewis Cooper from Elk Rapids Marina rapidly realized the potential of Iguanas for Lake Michigan where many waterfront villas do not have any pontoon or ramp. The Iguana offers direct access to the water in seconds thanks to the tracked landing gear. Owners can park their boat in their backyard and enjoy relaxing boating journeys.

Iguana intensifies its actions in Massachusetts where the market potential for amphibious solutions is tremendous with a partnership with Nantucket Marine


MF Group

118/40 ท่าจีน Mueang Samut Sakhon District, Samut Sakhon 74000


Adria Luxury Boats

ACI Marina Ičići, Liburnijska ulica 7a, 51414 Ičići


Elk Rapids Marina

118 Bridge Street, Elk Rapids, Michigan 49629


Nantucket Marine

14 Sun Island Rd, Nantucket, MA 02554

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What are the main advantages of having an Iguana on my island?

On your island, use your Iguana as your main means of transportation.

Having an Iguana on your island gives you the opportunity to commute to the mainland for supply provision. You can bring shopping from the mainland directly to your door avoiding multiple trips to and from your pontoon. The Iguana is definitely easier to use than a traditional boat, you can even collect visitors at the nearest airport and drop them directly on your island.

Take care of your island with an eco-friendly boat.

We know islands’ owners are attached to the beauty of their island. The Iguana is the perfect boat to enjoy the island while caring about it. Contrary to what people may think, the environmental impact of an Iguana is lower than a normal boat, requiring less in terms of logistics, material and unsightly infrastructure. There is no need for heavy infrastructure, no pontoon, no long stay in the water, no antifouling, no degradation of paint, no anchor ripping the underwater ground. Moreover, the pressure of the tracks on the ground equals the pressure of a man standing on one foot.

“With the Commuter I can leave right now, dressed as I am, it’s totally weather protected. The hard top coming up and down to make an enclosed cockpit is something the design team manhandled perfectly. No rain or sea water comes in.”

Is an Iguana as performant as a traditional boat?

Enjoy uncompromised performance at sea and mobility in all conditions.

The Iguana is designed to operate in challenging conditions year after year. With Iguana’s building techniques and cleverly integrated mobility system, the strength of the boat is actually increased and provides the operator with a secure driving feel and peace of mind. All this is achieved with no loss of performance. Once the tracks fold into the hull, the Iguana becomes a powerful boat equipped to navigate in all conditions. Feel free to navigate in all weather conditions (up to 4ft. waves) and land on any type of terrain.

Your Iguana becomes a part of your instant evacuation plan.

The Iguana Mobility System is also used on security and rescue boats. The Iguana glides over waves allowing you to vacate your island or complete supply runs when storms hit. It becomes part of your instant intervention plan for hurricane evacuation.

To which profiles is the Iguana adapted?

Personal use on my island

The Iguana is perfectly adapted to private islands because it offers the best way to commute to the mainland. It is also used by the owners to enjoy all parts of their island, to access secluded beaches and coves, and to transport guests whenever they want. The Iguana increases the sensation of freedom felt when leaving on a private island.

Guests experience on my island

The Iguana is the ideal boat for full guest experience islands. It can be offered as an activity in itself and also facilitates many other activities on the island.

For example, Eustatia is a full guest experience island offering ultimate privacy and guest experience, the stay includes watersport activities and the unique Iguana. The Iguana is operated for guest transfers, watersports and was used a few times as a first response boat to get injured guests to the medical facility.